• Geological Studies / Mapping
• Geological Modeling
• Seismic Inversion / Interpretation
• Reservoir Characterization
• Formation Evaluation
• Well Log Analysis / Petrophysics
• Reservoir Engineering
• Reservoir Modeling & Simulation



Introduction to Oilfield Life Cycle
• Sedimentology
• Sequence Stratigraphy
Petroleum Geology
Geological Modeling
Formation Evaluation / Petrophysics
Reservoir Engineering & Simulation
Well Testing
Production Engineering & Management
Drilling Engineering
Enhanced Oil Recovery


Crude Oil Processing and Emulsion Breaking Methods
• Storage Task Design and Construction
• Thermal Lining, insulation and concept of refractories

Geophysical Well Logging

• Wireline
o Open Hole Logging
o Cased hole Logging

• Logging While Drilling (LWD)

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